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parsley tabbouleh


1 cup quinoa uncooked
3 ripe tomatoes chopped
1 zucchini chopped 
1 red onion chopped 
1 cup chopped parsley
4 small sprigs of mint chopped. 

Juice of 1 large lemon
1/4 cup olive oil 
Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.


1. Cook quinoa as directed, rinse and drain. Add to large salad bowl.

2. Add all Ingredients and mix together. 

3. Whisk dressing Ingredients. 

Add to salad bowl and mix through.

Enjoy with red meat, chicken or fish grilled.
Almonds may be added as a vegan meal or add feta cheese as a vegetarian meal.
It lasts in the fridge covered for a couple of days.  


updated September 2022

Photo: Courtesy of Jackie Moult
Recipe: Adapted from 'The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook' - with extra ingredients added.

updated September 2022

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