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health & wellness coaching

6 month health  coaching program.

During this time I will teach you ways to help yourself achieve a healthier lifestyle. This program is based on each individual client.

No program is the same because I realise - we are all different!

Program includes:

 - 2 x 60 minute sessions per month.

 - sessions include discussions of your progress, my recommendations and professional tips.

- monthly special events like workshops and Zoom cooking classes related to health and wellness

- .variety of handouts, recipes and other material to help with your journey

- an invitation for guests to attend special events.

Cost $79 per session

Also available - 

Cooking Classes

including recipes

Cost $110 per session


Current health coaching clients:

- 'Jackie, your recommendations have been more beneficial to me than many years of appointments to Drs. and dieticians.'


 - 'Jackie, if it was not for your encouragement and support I would not have stuck with the program to achieve the weight loss.'



 -' I have found your coaching very helpful.'


If you don't introduce toxins today then you won't have to take them out tomorrow.

Please contact Jackie on 0430 887 337 for all booking enquiries​
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